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I am at work in my room.

There is1 a knock at the door.

I say: «Come in!»

One of my friends comes in and says: «Good afternoon!»

I shake hands with him and say to him: «How are you?»

«Very well, thanks, and how are you?»

«I am fine (all right), thank you».

I push up an armchair and say to my friend: «Please sit down and make yourself at home (comfortable)».

We have a talk.

We talk about the weather, literature, art, politics, science.

Soon dinner is ready.

I invite my friend to dinner: «Will you have dinner with us?»

He says: «Thank you ever so much, it is very kind оf you».

I introduce him to my wife: «I should like you to know comrade Petrov, my dear».

My wife says: «I am delighted to meet you, comrade Petrov».

At dinner we continue our friendly talk.

Half an hour after dinner my friend takes his leave, saying: «Thanks awfully for all your kindness. Now you come and see me as soon as you possibly саn».

I say good-bye to him and invite him to come to my place another time.


- Good afternoon!

- How glad I am to see you! It's ages since we saw each other last.

- You may believe me I am just as glad to see you.

- Well, in the first place tell me how you are?

- Fine, thank you. And you?

- Now I feel quite all right. But some time back I was rather seriously ill and it took me some time to recover.

- But it's all over now, I hope?

- I am glad to say it is.

- Well, how's work at your office?

- Have you heard that I have been promoted? I'm now head of the office.

- I congratulate you with all my heart. But it means a; lot of extra work, does it not?

- Rather, but I'm not afraid of it. You know, I like my, work tremendously. But here comes my wife. I want to introduce you to her. My wife Anna Petrovna-comrade Petrov whom I have told you about.

- I am very glad to meet you. I have heard such a lot of you from my husband.

- The pleasure is all mine.

- But why do we all remain standing? Please sit down and make yourself at home (comfortable).

- Well, what's the news?

- I'll tell you first of all about the wonderful exhibition of Soviet painting I saw the other day at the Tretiakovl Gallery. I was greatly struck by it. Have you seen it?

- Not yet, I am sorry to say. But I am going to see it one of these days, by all means.

(They discuss art, literature, scientific topics; in some time the mistress of the house invites everybody to dinner)

- Will you have dinner with us?

- Thank you ever so much. That's very kind of you But I am afraid it's too much trouble.

- No trouble at all. We'll be so glad if you have dinner with us. Nothing very special, of course, but I've got a bottle of good wine.

- That's really too good of you. You are so kind, I really can't refuse.

- Well, we'll begin with the wine if you do not mind. There's to your health! (They al! clink glasses).

- Thank you ever so much. But you have anticipated me: I just wanted to toast your wife and yourself.

- We may do that later. Meanwhile let us take the soup. And please help yourself to salt and pepper, if you care for it.

- No, thanks, I don't care much for pepper, but I'll take some salt.

- May I offer you another helping? (May I help you to another plate of soup?)

- No, thanks. I think I have had quite enough.

(They pass over to the second course, then to the dessert, after which they chat in a friendly way for some time)

- I am afraid I must be leaving now2. It's high time for me to be returning home.

- Couldn't you stay a little longer?

- I'm afraid I can't. It's late as it is.

- Well, I am very sorry, but by all means come and see us again as soon as possible.

- Thank you so much for all your kindness. I'll come as soon as I possibly can. But you come and see me at my place before that.

- Thank you! We'll both be delighted to come.

- Good-bye! Hope to see you again soon!



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