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I have a large family: a father, a mother, a grandfather, a grandmother, two sisters and a brother.

We all live together.

We are all great friends, and I love my father and my mother dearly.

Sometimes my uncle and my aunt come and see us.

My father is a doctor. He works in a hospital.

He is very busy: he has a lot of patients and does all he can to help them.

My mother is a book-keeper.

She works at an office.

She too has a lot of work.

Still she finds time to look after the house and to take care of all of us.

Both my sisters are schoolgirls.

My brother is a student.

He studies at the University-Every day he attends lectures.

In January and June he takes examinations. He gets good and excellent marks in all the subjects.

When he graduates the University he wants to work as a geologist.

My grandfather is retired from service.

He has an old-age pension.

Five years back he was still working.

He worked at a mill as a turner.

My grandmother is still in very good health.

She does most of the cooking.

Of course mother helps her and so "do my sisters.

In the evening we all come together and either look in (see the TV program) or just talk about the events of the day.


- Now I should like to know about your family.

- Oh, my family is a very large one1. I have a father, a mother, living grandparents, two sisters and a brother.

- Do you all live together?

- Yes, we do2, and it's a remarkable thing, by the way, that we practically never argue.

- Besides your immediate relatives you must3 also have some uncles and aunts and some cousins?

- Yes, several. Every now and then they come to see us at our place or else we go to see them.

- I wonder who does the cooking and looks after the household.

- It's all in the hands of my mother. Of course my sisters help her. And now tell me something about your people.

- Well, as a matter of fact there is little to tell. I am an orphan and before I got married I used to live4 quite alone.

- So you are married! And you never told me anything about it.

- I got married two years ago. Didn't you hear about it?

- Have you any children?

- Yes, we've a fine little girl. Her name is Ann. Come and see us!

- Thank you ever so much. And you too by all means come to see us. I'll be so glad to introduce you to all the members of my family.

- I'll come by all means. I'll be so glad to know them all.



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