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I want to reach my destination as quickly as possible. I am in a great hurry.

So I think the best way to travel is by plane.

I book my ticket in advance.

On the appointed day after packing my luggage I proceed to the airport by bus.

I already see the big air-liner which is to carry me. Soon I board the plane.

It is a comfortable streamlined machine with 20 seats. I look round.

In front I already see the pilot and the mechanic in the cockpit.

We all recline in comfortable armchairs. I notice there is a kitchenette in the rear part of the plane where the stewardess is already preparing sandwiches.

Very soon we take off.

In a few minutes we are already above the clouds. I ask the pilot at what altitude we are flying. «2000 metres» he replies.

The land can sometimes be seen below between the clouds.

It looks like a geographical map.

Our plane is due at its destination in six hours.

I read some magazines, then for a short while I quietly doze.

Soon the stewardess brings us some tea and sandwiches.

I eat with great appetite.

Our plane arrives at its destination exactly on time at 12 sharp.

What a saving of time!


- I want to go to Kharkov as quickly as possible. What would you suggest as the quickest means?

- The plane, of course, it's only six flying hours to Kharkov. There is a non-stop service without any intermediate landings.

- I thought about that but is it flying weather just now? The sky is so overcast, that it may cancel the flights, I'm afraid.

- Who told you it is not flying weather! There's no mist, no storm, nothing to prevent the flight.

- I wonder what the fare (the price of a ticket) is? Perhaps, it's too expensive. I can't afford it.

- The price is the same as a railway ticket in a soft car. But think how much quicker you will reach your destination.

- That's quite true. But I'm rather afraid of air-sickness.

- Don't you trouble about that1. With these modern planes they have on the line2, you're sure to be all right.

- Shall I be able to get any refreshments on board?

- By all means. The stewardess will serve you beer, lemonade, tea and sandwiches.

- Are the seats comfortable enough?

- All along you will be reclining in a most comfortable armchair. It is even so arranged that you can have some s^ep on board.

- Well, then I think I'll book my ticket to go there by plane.

- And perfectly right you are in so deciding4. I wish you good luck.



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