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One day my friend wanted to go shopping.

I took him to the State Department Store - GUM.

GUM is a huge multiple store.

One can get there anything in the way of food and manufactured goods.

Besides one can have made to order1 shoes, coats, frocks, suits and hats.

One may also have his photo taken right there.

Fashion shows are very often on (held) here.

In a word—GUM is a wonderful place.

When we arrived at GUM we first admired the window dressing.

Then we went along the first line and looked into the shop-windows of the grocery.

We could see all kinds of foodstuffs: meat, fowl, fish, tinned food, sausage, bread, fruit, wine, all kinds of groats and a hundred and one other foodstuffs.

Next we went along the second line. Here there were on sale: haberdashery, stationery, type-writers, fountain-pens, hosiery and leather-ware.

In the third line we could buy all kinds of household utensils: pots and pans, cutlery, crockery, electric appliances, refrigerators, vacuum-cleaners, cameras, radio and television sets and many other things one may want in the house.

We went into the perfumeries, florist shops and gift and souvenir shops.

The second floor was where we Were going to do some real shopping.

There one can get everything in the way of clothes wanted by man, woman, or child: footwear, knitwear, ready-made clothes, furs and what not.

Coloured posters delighting little children announced the sale of different things for children, and toys.

We bought a number of things.

First we got a ticket and after paying our money at the cashdesk we were given receipts.

We produced our receipts and obtained our purchases.


- I want you to help me to choose a present for my father. He is having his birthday to-morrow.

- What would you like to buy?

- I thought to buy him something in the way of books, I went to the bookseller's but I didn't find anything of interest that he hasn't got.

- Why not go over2 to GUM? We'll shoot two birds with one stone. You'll buy a present and I'll have my photo taken.

- What would you suggest?

- You must know better but let us go along the lines and look into the shop-windows. Something may catch our eye.

- Will anything in the way of haberdashery do? Say, aj shaving set or a muffler?

- No, this is not what I want.

- What about a leather bag or wallet?

- That won't do either, I'm afraid.

- What would you say to an embroidered Ukrainian shirt or, may be, a fountain-pen.

- No.

- I see you are very hard to please. Well, I could suggest...

- Wait! I've got an idea. Why not buy a silver tumbler and have engraved on itt «Мапу Happy Returns of the Day!»

- That's not a bad idea, You can have it engraved right here in the shop, you know.

- Now help me to choose the most beautiful tumbler and then you'll run along to have your photo taken.

In the Shop

Buyer - Will you kindly show us that tumbler over there!

Shop-assisstant - Is it this one you mean?

Buyer - Yes, thank you. How much is it? (What is the price?)

Shop-assisstant - Seventy roubles.

Buyer - I think I'll take it.

Shop-assisstant - Can I offer you anything else?

Buyer - That's all (nothing else), thank you. But I want to have it engraved while I wait.

Shop-assisstant - Very good. Here is your ticket, please pay at the desk and bring me the receipt.

(At the desk)

Buyer - Tumbler and engraving how much does it come to?

Shop-assisstant - 85 roubles, 50 kopecks.

Buyer - Here is a hundred rouble bill.

Shop-assisstant - Here is your change and receipt.

Buyer - Thank you.

(At the counter again)

Buyer - Here is the receipt! Please wrap up my tumbler and pack it carefully.

Shop-assisstant - Very good.

Buyer - That is all, thank you.



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