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I am a subscriber to our local library.

About every fortnight I go there to exchange books.

I enter the library and go to the Lending Department.

Here I first of all look through the Catalogue.

Sometimes I look through the Author Catalogue.

Sometimes I look through the Subject Catalogue.

Best of all I like fiction, travel books, biographies.

I find the name of the author and the title of an interesting book.

I fill in a slip and hand it to the librarian.

She goes to the repository to see if the book is there.

Soon she comes back and says: «Неге is the book you want».

Sometimes however she returns with the words: «I am sorry, the book is taken. What other book would you like?»

In such cases I suggest some other book. The librarian then gives me the book I have chosen. I thank her and go home

It's always a fine thing to get an interesting new book to read!


Librarian - Good morning! How do you do? You have come to exchange books, I suppose.

Subscriber - Yes, I have. Could you recommend1 something interesting?

Librarian - Of course I can, but wouldn't you like2 to look through the catalogue yourself?

Subscriber - I rely on your choice. You have already suggested to me quite a number of interesting books which I have read with the greatest interest.

Librarian - To tell you the truth, I have forgotten your special interests. There are so many subscribers to our library that it is difficult to remember the taste of each.

Subscriber - In fact I am interested in everything: fiction, biography, history, travel books.

Librarian - If you care for fiction, here are some of the latest novels on the counter. I have read most of them, and after you have chosen a writer and a title, I can tell you what it's all about. By the way, do you like short stories? If so, I can recommend to you a collection of short stories by Paustovski.

Subscriber - I think I'll choose that book right away.

Librarian - And which is the second book? You have a right to take two books home, you know?

Subscriber - It strikes me that this new biography of Lermontov by Irakli Andronnikov is what I should like to take.

Librarian - And perfectly right you are in deciding upon that book. In fact it's a feature book, very much in demand.

Subscriber - Well, let me have it then. I think these two books are just the thing for me.

Librarian - You are welcome to them. Please fill in this slip and I shall write down the books in your reader's card.

Subscriber - Thank you very much for your kind advice. Now I've got something to read for at least a fortnight.



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