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My car reaches the hotel where I want to put up.

I get out and go to the hotel office.

Here I ask if they can give me any accomodation.

«Certainly», answers the clerk, «we have got several rooms free».

«Would you like a suite or a single room?» he continues.

I say I should like a bedroom with a bath-room attached.

The clerk says he can give me such a room on the third floor.

I ask about the price of the room.

He informs me of it and soon everything is settled.

I hand in my passport, fill in an arrival form and get the key of my room.

Next I ask the hotel porter to carry my luggage to the room.

He does as requested.

I look at my room.

I like it very much.

It is very comfortable.

I can have a fine rest here.

I ring for the chambermaid and inquire about the meals at the hotel restaurant.

Next I obtain information about the hairdresser, about where I can have my boots cleaned, etc.

She answers all my questions.

There is a lot of time before dinner and so I settle down quietly to rest.


- Have you any rooms disengaged?

- Yes. We have separate rooms and suites.

- I want a room. On what floor have you got rooms?

- Third and fourth floor.

- You have a lift, of course.

- Certainly.

- Then I should like a room on the fourth floor. I should like it to be1 on. the sunny side.

- Very good. We can give you a fine room on the sunny side with a separate bath-room attached.

- What is the price?

- Fifteen roubles a day.

- That suits me very well. I will take2 it.

- Would you mind giving me3 your passport and filling in this form?

- Not at all. Here you are.

- I should like the hotel porter to bring up my luggage.

- Certainly. The restaurant, the hairdresser, the reading-room are all on the ground floor.

- May I have my meals brought into my room?

- Certainly. The waiter will inform you of the time of the meals.

- You will, of course, keep the letters that come in for me. I shall inform my friends that I am staying at your hotel.

- Certainly. There is a telephone in every room and we have facilities5 for trunk-calls.

- That is very convenient. Thank you very much.



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