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If one wants to keep himself fit he must go in for one r another kind of sport.

Sport occupies an essential part in my daily life.

Every morning all the year round I do my morning exercises (my daily dozen).

First I did it to the radio but now I've got my own set of excercises.

Almost every day I do some training.

In summer I go swimming or rowing.

During my summer holidays I go mountaineering.

In winter I usually go to the country during the winter holidays. There I ski, skate or toboggan.

I also go in for sport in a special and narrower sense: it is track and field athletics.

I am a member of the sport circle of track and field athletics at our Institute.

At our Institute we have all the necessary facilities, equipment and coaching in many kinds of sport.

There are different sport circles there too, such as: aquatic sports, gymnastics on apparatus and without apparatus, fencing, wrestling, boxing; games: basket-ball, volley ball, tennis, football; winter sports: skating, skiing, hockey.

We have fine teams and a number of champions.

All kinds of competitions take place at our Institute. Recently we have won the inter-college cup.

Of all outdoor games I prefer football. I don't play it but I like to attend football matches at the new, vast Lenin Stadium.

I never miss a single match played by Spartak, for I fan this team.

I also take a great interest in chess. I follow closely all the tournaments and especially that for the world championship.


- I've recently been enrolled at this Institute. Will you kindly tell me about the athletic training here?

- I've been studying here for two years and I can tell you all about it. The administration of the Institute sees to it that every student goes in for sport. There are here all the necessary facilities and equipment. But do you go in for sport?

- Yes, I do as a matter of fact. Every morning I do my morning excercises (daily dozen). I am a fan of the Spartak team and I attend many football matches and I follow the chess tournament and...

- No, I don't mean this. Do you go in for sport in a special and narrower sense?

- Yes, I go skating and skiing in winter, swimming and rowing in summer.

- No, not that. Are you a member of any sport society?

- No, I'm not. Are you?

- I'm a member of the sport circle of track and field athletics at our Institute, and now I think I'll join the ice-hockey circle.

- Have you a strong ice-hockey team?

- Rather1. We won the last match with the Power Institute with a score of 5 to О [faiv tu nil] in our favour.

- Have you got a good coach?

- Yes, we have a very fine coach. He is an ex-champion. You ought to join this circle.

- Are there any other sport circles at this Institute?

- Certainly. There are circles of aquatic sports, gymnastics, fencing, wrestling, boxing, of winter sports, of games: basket-ball, volley ball, tennis, football.

- Are there any indoor games played here?

- Yes. Chess and checkers and ping-pong.

- Doesn't sport interfere with your studies?

- On the contrary. I feel perfectly fit after training an can put in a lot more of studying.

- I'll look around and I'll also join a sport circle or two.



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