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To-morrow we shall undertake an excursion out of town.

We shall make a trip along the Canal named after Moscow.

A fine motor launch will take us to a place called «Sunlit Meadow».

I have already made the trip so I know all about it.

First we shall assemble on the embankment of the Moscow River Port.

Soon, amid wavings and cheers, the launch will be off.

The Canal first passes through a deep cut.

After that it runs through a number of reservoirs.

They are not so big as the Moscow man-made sea but very picturesque.

We shall probably see a number of yachts sailing1 on them.

The motor launch will carry us always further through woods, meadows and fields.

When we arrive at «Sunlit Meadow» we shall certainly have a good time there.

Some members of the excursion will play volley ball.

Others will stroll about the woods gathering mushrooms or berries.

Still others will probably prefer angling. Towards evening when it grows dark we may have a huge bonfire.

We shall sing and dance a lot.

We shall come to Moscow already late at night.


- So you made a fine excursion yesterday?

- Yes, it was just magnificent.

- The weather was fine yesterday, so that added to the enjoyment, didn't it1?

- Yes, very much. The sun shone almost the whole day. It is true that there was a short shower in the afternoon, but it was over very soon.

— Where did you go?

- We made a trip along the Canal named after Moscow.

- You went by motor launch, I suppose.

- Yes, a fine motor boat named «Chkalov» took us there and back.

- And how far did you go?

- We went as far as «Sunlit Meadow», where we stayed for two hours.

- I suppose you had a lot of fun while on board.

- Oh, no end of it. We sang and danced, then we just enjoyed looking2 at the beautiful banks of the Canal, specially those places where it enters the reservoirs. They are in fact man-made lakes, all surrounded with fields, meadows and woods.

- And what did you do when you came to «Sunlit Meadow»?

- Different people did different things. Some went roving in the woods, gathering mushrooms and berries. Others danced and sang again, while a few started angling.

- Was there a refreshment room on board?

- Certainly. Some of us got their food there, while others had taken sandwiches and pies from home.

- And when did you return home?

- Something about eleven. It was a fine trip. Let us do it together some time.

- Thank you very much. I really don't know. Frankly speaking, I prefer hiking or a bicycle excursion.



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