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My friend arrived in1 Moscow the first time in his life. I met him at the Kiev railway station and we went to see the sights of the capital (we went sightseeing).

First we made a tour of the metro stations.

We went into the big entrance hall of the Kiev metro station.

Many people were stepping on and off the escalators.

We got our tickets by the slot-machine and went down the escalator to the underground hall.

Here we stood looking at the marble walls, statues and fine lighting.

We came out of the metro at the Okhotny Ryad station.

In front of us was Manege Square - a wide square stretching away to the red brick walls that encircle the Kremlin.

At each corner of the Kremlin's walls we could see a tall tower with a large red star on the peak.

To the right was Gorki street and to the' left—the road leading to the Red Square.

We turned and went left.

In the centre of the Red Square we saw the mausoleum of Lenin and Stalin.

We went as far as the cathedral of St. Basil with its seven domes, each of a different colour and pattern.

In front of the cathedral of St. Basil we stopped to look at the Head Place and the monument to Minin and Pozharsky.

The Kremlin clock was chiming three. My friend and I checked our watches.

Crowds of people were moving along the pavement, some of them were hurrying and others were walking leisurely and stopping every now and then to look into the shop-windows of the State Department Store—GUM.

Around us the streets were thronged with traffic. Cars and trolley buses were moving in all directions.

Happy and full of impressions we arrived home.


Visitor - Please tell me what is there to see in Moscow in the first place?

Moscovite - Oh, there are many wonderful spots worth seeing1 in Moscow and its environs.

Visitor - I have only a couple of days. What would you advise me to see?

Muscovite - Have you been to Moscow before?

Visitor - No, I haven't. It's the first time I am on a visit here.

Moscovite - It's really very hard to say. There are many places worth visiting. For a start, though, I should suggest the Red Square, the new building of the University and the Agricultural Exhibition.

Visitor - That's a very good idea, but I am not sure I'll find my way. How can I get to the centre of Moscow from here?

Moscovite - Let me see. From the Kiev railway station you may reach the centre of Moscow by trolley bus 2(two)3, bus or metro. What would you prefer?

Visitor - I think I'll take the trolley bus this time and look at the streets from the windows. Where do I get off?

Moscovite - You get off at the Sverdlov Square. There you go left and you will find yourself on the Red Square.

Visitor - I'd like to see the Pushkin monument first thing too, you know.

Moscovite - That's the easiest thing in the world. The Pushkin monument is near at hand to the Red Square. When you are on the Red Square go up Gorki street as far as Pushkin Square where the monument stands. On your way you'll see the monument to Yuri Dolgoruki, the founder of Moscow. The red and white building across the street is the house of the Moscow Soviet.

Visitor - Thank you for the information. Now, please, tell me how I can get to the Agricultural Exhibition from the Red Square by metro?

Moscovite - You take the metro at the Okhotny Ryad station and go as far as the Komsomolskaya station. There you change for the Circle Line.

There again you take the metro as far as the Botanical Garden station. At that station you have to change for a new line which has been recently built. This line; will take you right to the Exhibition. I'm sure there will be many people going your way.

Visitor - What is the metro fare to the Exhibition and where can I get a metro ticket?

Moscovite - The fare Is fifty kopecks wherever you go. You may get a ticket either at the booking kiosk or by the slot-machine.

Visitor - I'd rather book a ticket by the slot-machine. How is that done?

Moscovite - Very easily. Drop fifty kopecks into the slot of the machine, you hear a click and a ticket appears in the little opening below. If no ticket is coming, press the button there and you'll get your money back.

Visitor - That's perfectly clear. Thanks a lot.

Moscovite - If ever you lose your way or are in difficulties, you may ask your way of any passer-by or of a militiaman standing in the street, or sitting in an enclosed cubicle at the corner of the street, regulating the traffic. Everybody I'm sure will be willing to lend you a helping hand and show you your way.

Visitor - I'm very much obliged to you for your kind and most valuable advice.



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