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We have recently received a new flat. It is a fine flat indeed.

We have a living-room, two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bath-room and a lavatory.

In the living-room we have our meals and gather in the evening.

In the kitchen mother cooks the food. Of course we have running water, a gas range and electric light.

We also use electricity for our vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, for ironing clothes, etc.

In the living-room there is a big table, a cupboard, a sofa, an armchair and many chairs, etc.

On the beds there are big soft pillows with neat pillowcases, blankets and bedclothes.

In every room we have a number of pictures on the walls.

Besides, in the living-room yon can see a number of photos of all our relatives.

A radio-receiver stands on a special little table. WTe enjoy listening-in to the radio.

A few days ago we bought a TV set and yesterday we all came together to see the program televised (the TV program),


- May I know where you live?

- Lenin street 110, flat 7.

- Have you got1 a flat there?

- Yes, we have. We've recently got a flat there.

- And when did you move in, I wonder?

- Only a fortnight ago.

- And where did you live before?

- Oh, we had quite decent rooms, but it was in an old house, which was to be pulled down.

- Of course you find your new accomodation much better?

- Certainly. Our flat is on the third floor3 and it overlooks a fine public garden with beautiful lime-trees and lots of flowers.

- You have got all the services in your new flat, haven't you?

- Yes, we have electricity, gas. running water, a radio set, a refrigerator: in fact everything.

- I suppose you had to buy some new furniture for the new flat?

- In fact we bought quite a lot of pieces of furniture: a sofa, two bookcases, six chairs and a big new bed.

- Where did you get it all?

- Well, there's a furniture shop in the block where we live.

- And how did you have it all brought4 to your flat?

- We took a lorry. Of course the distance is quite small, but we could not carry it all on our shoulders.



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