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I'm a great cinema-goer. I like the cinema tremendously.

I see all the best films that are on1 in Moscow.

I prefer feature films, though I enjoy documentaries almost as much, to say nothing of animated cartoon films, news-reels or popular science films.

As far as foreign films go I like some of them. I prefer them dubbed in Russian. But as a matter of fact I don't mind captions either.

I usually go to the cinema (the movies) for the morning or day shows.

If I want to go to an evening show I book tickets beforehand.

I like to come to the cinema a couple of minutes before the movie starts.

If there is a long time to wait I can always look again at the portraits of Soviet and foreign film stars hanging on the walls of the foyer, or listen to a little concert that is usually given for the spectators, or I can go to the reading-room.

It is a good thing that those who are late are not allowed to enter the hall until the news-reel is over.

I hate being disturbed when a film is on (showing).

If I like a movie very much I go to see it a second time, and besides I see many of the movies televised. I regularly read the paper «Film Week» to know which films have been released, and which ones are being shot.

Sometimes I read the script of the movie I am going to see.

If a film is screened after a book, which I don't remember very well I always reread3 the book to be able t0 compare it with the screened version.

I know all the famous Soviet script-writers, producers and cameramen.


- Hello, Nina.

- Hello, Misha. I'm so glad to see you.

- Same here. You were the last person1, you know, I expected to meet at our cinema so early. I know you live at the other end of the world.

- I travelled all the way from the University to see the cinema scope (vista scope) film «The Sisters» screened (filmed) after Tolstoy's book «The Ordeal». I arrived at Arbat Square at half past eight and got a ticket for the first show.

- Good for you. It was first day yesterday and tickets are very hard to get. It's a wonderful film I've been told.

- So have I. I'm eager to see it. You know we have ten minutes to go. Let us have a look at the portraits of the famous film stars.

- Look, here is Bystrizkaya. She is my favourite actress. They ary shooting a new film with her in the title role.

- Look here. There is a beautiful portrait of Nargis, the famous Indian film star who played one of the main parts in the film «The Vagabonds»

- Wouldn't you like to come with me to the refreshment room? I feel rather thirsty.

- I don't think we have got the time. The bell is ringing.

- Where is your seat?

- Mine is in the twelfth row. I'll try to exchange places with somebody in the seventh row in order we should sit together.

- Go ahead. Do it right away.

- It's too late now. After the news-reel.

(After the news-reel the two friends are sitting together)

- The news-reel was interesting, wasn't it?

- Most. It was very interesting from beginning to end. How did you like...

- Please stop talking, the film is beginning. Let us see what is the cast4. Have you noticed the name of the producer and the camera-man?

- I'll tell you later. Look at the colours! Aren't they just marvellous?

- Now isn't Katya beautiful! Have a good look at her in a close-up. Look how beautiful the Volga is! Have you ever seen a more superb still?

- Please don't express your feelings so loudly! We are disturbing our neighbours.

- I'm sorry the film is coming to an end.

- Another serial is going to be released soon.

- Let us go to see it together when it is on.

- Very good. We'll make arrangements as soon as it is on.



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