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I'll never forget my first visit to the Bolshoy Theatre.

It was ages ago, but it stands out in my memory quite vividly.

My mother bought beforehand two tickets for a matinee performance of the ballet «Sleeping Beauty» by Chaikovsky.

We came to the theatre long before the performance began.

A sign'at the entrance of the theatre said: «House Full».

Many people were standing at the theatre asking if we had an extra ticket.

We left our coats in the cloak-room and bought a program from the usher to see what the cast was. I remember we were glad to see that Lepeshinskaya was dancing the main part.

When we came into the hall we saw many people walking down the aisles looking for their seats.

The orchestra were tuning in their instruments.

We found our seats which were in the stalls and went exploring the theatre.

My mother showed me the boxes, the pit, the dress-circle, the tiers and balconies.

At twelve sharp the lights went down.

The conductor appeared and the overture began.

After the overture the curtain went up.

I was in raptures at what I saw on the stage.

I had never seen anything more wonderful.

The decor and the dancing were superb.

The ballet seemed to me a fairy-tale.

When the curtain fell the house burst into applause.

I applauded (clapped) so much that my hands ached.

During the first interval we went to the foyer and looked at the portraits on the walls of the singers and dancers of the Bolshoy Theatre.

During the second interval we went to the refreshment room-When the last curtain fell cries of «епсоге» sounded all over the theatre.

The dancers got many curtain calls and were presented with large bouquets of flowers.

The performance was a great success with2 the public.

This first visit to the Bolshoy Theatre is one of my brightest memories.


- Hello, Tanya. Where are you coming from?

- I've been to1 the Art Theatre. I saw «Anna Karenina» with Andreyeva in the title role.

- I have not seen her yet. I'm told she is a good actress. How did you like her?

- She is a most wonderful actress. I saw the play several times but to-day I was completely carried away by it.

- Did she get many curtain calls?

- Yes, very many. She was presented with a large bouquet of flowers too.

- How did you like the decor (scenery)?

- It was superb. Everything was first rate.

- Where did you sit?

- Fortunately I was in a box very close to the stage.

- How did you manage to get tickets? Tickets are very hard to get for this play. Whenever I pass by the theatre 1 see the sign «House Full» for the evening performances as well as for the matinees.

- I got the tickets long beforehand. But, you know, I was a bit unfortunate to-day. I was a couple of minutes late through my own fault. When the lights were almost down I discovered that I had left my opera-glasses in my coat-pocket. I rushed to the cloak-room to get them, and when I returned the curtain was already up, and people Were applauding.

- Have you got the program with you? I'd like to have a look at the cast.

- Oh, yes. Here you are. I'd advise you to see the play. It will be on on Friday week.

- You speak so enthusiastically of the actress that I suppose I'll have to see her too. As a matter of fact I was going to see «Anna Karenina» televised (on the TV), but after what you have told me I'll try to book a couple of stalls.

- Yes, by all means try. There is another thing. There is a very interesting exhibition on in the foyer of the Art Theatre in connection with the jubilee of the theatre. See that too.

- Yes, I will, thanks. After I have seen the play I'll let you know of my impressions of the play and the actress.



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