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The Soviet Union is our Fatherland.

It is the greatest country in the world which is forging ahead towards Communism.

Its territory is twice as big as that of the United States.

It covers 22 million square kilometres.

In the North its boundary is constituted by the Arctic Ocean.

In the South it has a common boundary with Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, People's China, the Mongolian People's Republic and the Korean People's Democratic Republic.

In the East its coasts are washed by the Pacific Ocean.

In the West the Soviet Union borders upon Norway, Finland and the People's Democracies: Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Rumania.

In the Soviet Union we have already reached the stage of Socialism and are now building Communism.

The Soviet Union is rich in natural resources: coal, iron ore, various non-ferrous metals, peat, petroleum (oil), enormous tracts of woodland.

We also possess vast tracts of fertile arable land as well as fine pastures.

We make good use of all these natural resources.

Our geologists are continuously prospecting for new sources of mineral wealth.

We have a highly developed heavy and light industry.

We have constructed many huge power-stations, while other yet larger developments are still under construction.

We are using the most advanced methods of scientific farming. Power-farming is in full sway on our collective and state farms. We have reclaimed many virgin and long-fallow lands.

Our science and art flourish.

With every passing day the standards of living are improving.

Large-scale housing schemes have either already been completed or are still under construction.

All the different nationalities inhabiting the Soviet Union and its sister republics: Russians, Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Letts, Lithuanians, Estonians, Armenians, Georgians, Uzbeks and lots of others - are friends and work together for the advancement of Communism.

The Soviet Union and the countries of People's Democracy pursue a policy of peace and friendship with all nations. They aim at establishing friendly relations with all countries in the world: Great Britain, the United States, France, Western Germany, India, Norway, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, the United Arab Republic and all the other nations of the world, big and small.

We, citizens of the Soviet Union, actively work for the cause of peace.


- I am from the Sudan. We, Africans, know in fact too little about the Soviet Union, and I should like to ask you a number of questions which you may perhaps think naive about your Fatherland. First of all I should like to have some purely geographical facts. How big is the whole territory of the USSR?

- Ours is an enormous country1! The whole territory of the Union covers 22 million square kilometres.

- And I suppose you have all kinds of natural resources over this huge territory?

- We have all kinds of natural resources in the Soviet Union: coal, iron ore, various non-ferrous metals, rare and precious metals, peat, petroleum, enormous timber stands and vast tracts of fertile arable land. We likewise possess vast resources of hydro-power.

- Are all these resources being reclaimed? In capitalist countries much remains still unused.

- Our geologists have explored most of the mineral wealth and now our factories and plants are making extensive use of these raw materials, Mines are in operation even in the most remote parts of our country, while oilfields are worked in most diverse parts of the land.

- And what about your water-power resources?

- Haven't you heard about our tremendous hydro-power developments? The main ones are the Dnieper, the Stalingrad, the Kuybishev and the Angara schemes. But there are hosts of others. By and by as you learn more about our country you will come to appreciate the tremendous scale on which they are built and the enormous advantages they offer to our industry and agriculture.

- I have read a little about them. But I am eager to become better acquainted with them.

Now, will you please tell me on what you are laying more stress, is it3 on the heavy, or is it on the light industry?

- The heavy industry is, of course, the mainstay of our national economy, but the development of the light and food industry is also proceeding apace.

- I should like to know something about your agriculture.

- The system of collective and state farms offers tremendous opportunities for power-farming and adopting the most advanced scientific practices in agriculture. The yield of crops has been significantly raised of late.

- I h ave heard the Socialist emulation is a factor of prime importance in this connection too?

- So it is. Socialist methods of work are to a very great extent responsible for the high achievements gained both on our farms and at our factories, to say nothing of transport.

- Could you tell me just in a few words what the general policy of the Soviet Union is?

- We have already reached the stage of Socialism and are now well advanced on the road to Communism. Everything for the people is our slogan. With every day their life becomes brighter and happier. As for our foreign policy you know well that we are doing our utmost to promote peace and friendship among all nations.



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