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I want to go from one end of our capital to the other.

Unfortunately there is no direct metro service to the place where I want to go.

I must take first the metro, then a trolley bus and lastly a bus.

I go to the metro station and take a ticket. Then I descend the escalator and walk on to the platform.

I board a train. The train dashes off. Very soon I get off.

I rise up the escalator and walk out into the square.

Here I take a trolley bus and occupy a back seat.

The conductor says: «А11 fares, please».

I tell him where I want to go and pay for a ticket

Then again I change for a bus.

All the time I look out of the window.

«What immense traffic!» I think.

«What a lot of motor-cars, buses, lorrie.s!»

At last I get out at the last stop but one.

I walk two blocks of houses and see the house I want.

I have arrived at my destination.


- Will you tell me1 the best way to the Kursk railway station?

- I see you are not a Moscovite. I shall have to explain2 it to you in detail.

- In fact it is the first time I have come to your capital. So please tell me everything in detail.

- Well, the simplest way is for you to take the trolley bus3 from here down to Arbat square, where there is a metro station. From the Arbat station you go direct to the Kursk station.

- Will I have time to reach the Kursk station in forty minutes? You see I have got to catch my train4 which leaves fifty minutes from now.

- Certainly. You will arrive at the station in some twenty five minutes.

- So I have not got to hurry?

- There is no special need to hurry, but of course you must not be too slow.

- I suppose crossing the street may take some time.

- Not too much. But be careful! Mind, you pass the street only under the green light- And if you suddenly see the yellow light while you are crossing, stop and wait in the middle of the street, because in a few seconds the red light will flash up. Otherwise you maybe run over by a car. For your own good observe the rules of street traffic.

- I wonder if it is the militiaman who switches on the light or the lights work automatically.

- In most cases it is the militiaman but on some busy throughfares and avenues the traffic is controlled automatically.

- Thank you very much for the information. I will do as you direct me.



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