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My mother suddenly fell ill (was suddenly taken ill).

She mounted a high temperature1 and felt very bad.

She had a splitting headache and a cough. We sent for doctor Ivanova - our district doctor. Doctor Ivanova came, removed her coat and put on the white gown which she kept in her bag.

The doctor asked my mother to strip to the waist. She examined her, felt her pulse and took her tempera-ure.

The doctor said it was the 'flu and told my mother to eep to her bed.

The doctor wrote out a prescription for some pills.

Besides the doctor prescribed cups or mustard plasters, as well as a hot-water bottle to the feet.

Next doctor Ivanova wrote out a slip for x-ray and blood examination.

The doctor put down everything she found in my mother's patient's file.

The prescription which the doctor left was made up at the chemist's.

We followed the doctor's instructions and in two weeks my mother felt much better.

I took her to the policlinic for a check-up.

We went to doctor Ivanova's consulting room which is on the first floor.

While waiting for my mother who went to the doctor, looked through the stands containing diagrams with first aid procedures and the coloured photographs of certair diseases and their symptoms.

Soon my mother came out, The doctor said she ha fully recovered,


Doctor - What troubles you?

Patient - I'm quite unwell. I feel giddy and I can hardly stand on my legs. Doctor - Any pain?

Patient - Yes. I've a sore throat and a cough.

Doctor - What is your temperature?

Patient - I've been running a high temperature since yesterday. To-day it is 38.5 (thirty eight point point five).

Doctor - Please strip to the waist and lie down on the examination couch. I shall examine you. How long have you felt this way?

Patient - Several days already. Pve been taking pills for the 'flu, and yesterday I was cupped, but I don't feel any better.

Doctor - Why did you not come to the policlinic before?

Patient - I thought it would pass. I was down with the 'flu last month and I cured myself.

Doctor - Now you must lie down at once, otherwise complications may set in, and your case will be serious.

Patient - What is the matter with me?

Doctor - I'm afraid it is pneumonia, and you must receiv penicillin injections. I shall send a nurse to yo home immediately.

Patient - Shall I have to stay in bed long?

Doctor - No, in a week or ten days, I hope, you'll be sufficiently recovered to go out. Please take thi slip to the reception office in the clinic on Tue: day fortnight1, and you will have your chesi x-rayed and your blood examined2 to make sup that everything is all right.

Patient - Shall I take any medicine?

Doctor - Yes, certainly. Here is a prescription for you. Take a table spoonful of this medicine three times a day. Shake the bottle well before using.

Patient - Thank you ever so much, doctor.

Doctor - Oh, don't mention it, please. Be sure to follow my instructions. If you don't feel better send foi me immediately.



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